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A Life of Cooking

For as long as he can remember, Marco Zafarana has been known to his friends as simply "Zaffo". Born and raised in Italy, Marco grew up in a family of food lovers. He has many fond childhood memories of his family piling into the car and driving to Piemonte to visit their favorite farm to buy excellent fresh meat, Parma to buy the famous Parma ham (Prosciutto di Parma) and Parmigiano cheese, and their local outdoor market to gather fresh fruits and vegetables.

Brought together by a love for classical music, Ali met Marco while studying abroad in Italy in 2012. Although they could hardly communicate when they first met, they connected immediately over their love for great food. Their early memories together are filled with extraordinary home-cooked meals with friends, trips to the Alps for fresh milk and cheese, and many trips to vineyards from Tuscany to Veneto and beyond. In 2018 Ali and Marco were married in Como and they moved shortly thereafter to Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Marco is the executive chef at Zaffo's and is thrilled to share his Italian heritage with Salt Lake City in the best way he knows how - through food! 

Buon Appetito!


At Zaffo's we specialize in artisanal fresh pasta and homemade sauces made from only the best ingredients. Whatever we can't source locally comes directly from Italy.

We're taking pasta back to its Italian origins as a street food. You choose the cut of fresh pasta and sauce, and we'll prepare it fresh in front of your eyes, ready for you to take away and enjoy in the moment.

We have monthly specials! Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to see what fresh ideas we have cooking.

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